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Blue Cheese, Almonds; and Prosciutto


A Gold Standard in Toffee!!!!!

The Black & White Almond Toffee Crunch is addictive and sinfully rich! The quality and freshness are unbeatable. Super fast delivery.

No doubt about it… I'm hooked!!!

San Francisco, CA

Angela is a "Cook's Cook." Personally, I enjoy cooking and entertaining in my home, but sometimes lack the luxury of time to prepare food just the way I like it. Angela's cooking tastes just the way I would like to prepare it myself, only better! The ingredients, seasonings, food temperatures, and presentations are the best I have found in the area. Angela is very organized and has tremendous back-up, so there is never a concern of lack of preparation on her part.

Five forks for Cotta’s Kitchen!!

Sylvia Cox
Turlock, CA

I was recently introduced to Cotta's Kitchen and ordered their specialty almonds to have on hand when guests come over. They arrived quickly and the presentation was great... however, these almonds are so addicting that our family gobbled them up before we had a chance to share with any guests!
The attention to detail and dedication to quality is evident and we will always have these on hand as a staple. They are a no-fail crowd pleaser!!

San Diego, CA

Cotta’s Kitchen owner, Angela Cotta, does a great job blending flavors and spices to serve up extraordinary almonds for your munching pleasure. She recently prepared multiple almond packages in the "Rosemary Scented with Sea Salt" and "Sweet and Spicy" recipes that my family in Italy cherished… and you know how they judge their food!
I'm looking forward to serving Cotta's Kitchen almonds for holiday entertaining and for gifting!
Thanks, Angela!

Dotty Ewing
Pasadena, California
Dear Angela,

You should have been here this morning to hear the rave reviews you were getting as we sat around our kitchen table. As we reviewed the wonderful food you served us last night at our bridal shower dinner celebration, the “oohs & aahs” were plentiful and almost deafening by the time we got to your fabulous and freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies! You and your crew really know how to “do it up right!” What a wonderful treat!
Thank you,

Mary Volk
Turlock, CA

I had the opportunity to enjoy the Sweet and Spicy Almonds and Almond Toffee Crunch candy at a conference I organized. We ordered the 8oz boxes as part of a welcoming gift bag that we provided to each guest at our conference. The almonds were fabulous. They were fresh and tasty. I was impressed with the combination of sweet and spicy. This combination is truly unique and it makes these almonds absolutely delicious. The Black and White Almond Toffee Crunch was also sensational. The mixture of the white and dark chocolate made all the difference. The Almond Toffee Crunch and the sweet and spicy almonds were a huge hit with the conference attendees. I was also able to take some home to the family and they were devoured in a very short time!

I am so glad to see the Almond Toffee Crunch and the Sweet and Spicy Almonds are now available to order online. Keep up the great work! I love your homemade goodies!

Logan, Utah